floralStyling - Before & After

Maurice and Angie


Before hiring my services, Maurice and Angie would have typically worn clothing and colours which they were naturally drawn to. Although Angie's dress is very pretty, the brightness of the red colours over power her skin tone. // Angie is a 'cool season' and therefore cool pinks, purples and blues harmonise better with her colouring. Her necklace and earrings compliment her skin tone and pick out the colours in her dress so that no element of her outfit is over-powering.

In the before photo,  Maurice's suit tone is too 'cool' and the tie is too bright. The suit is also the wrong size and the lapel too large. // Maurice is a 'warm season' with a touch of softness (a muted quality in his skin tone). In the after picture his suit is sized correctly and is a soft warm colour which complements his skin tone. Also the colour of the tie is more balanced making him look younger and healthier. ยง

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